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Big things in the works for “Norm’s Notes” and “Bible Q-n-A” for 2019!

  • “Bible Q-n-A Series,” starting with “Bible Q-n-A Series: Premillennialism,” will be a series of videos contained in a playlist for an in-depth study of a single subject. New episodes will post every Sunday morning, beginning in 2019. What are some subject you’d like to have covered in a “Bible Q-n-A Series”?
  • “Norm’s Notes: From The Margins,” will be a series of short videos featuring notes from the margin of my Bible. I love wide margin Bibles! I use them to put sermon outlines, mark key points, and define keywords in the text. Each episode will highlight a passage of the Biblical text and the notes I’ve made in the margin of my Bible on that text. I’ll also review some Bible marking systems and resources. Do you use a wide margin Bible and/or have a note system for your Bible?
  • “Bible Q-n-A LIVE” will continue every Monday night at 7 PM EST. Keep the comments coming and let me know what you want to discuss on “Bible Q-n-A LIVE!” What are your favorite videos from the archives? Post those comments and let me hear from you! Are you having a Bible study with your friends and family? Invite them to “Bible Q-n-A LIVE” every Monday night so we can all study together in the Live Chat!
  • So, here’s the planned schedule for the PreacherNorm YouTube Channel in 2019:- Sundays: “Bible Q-n-A Series” season 1 – “Bible Q-n-A Series: Premillennialism.”- Mondays at 7 PM EST: “Bible Q-n-A LIVE“- Tuesdays: “Norm’s Notes: From The Margins”- Thursdays: “This & That Thursdays LIVE.” Yea, I know this one is a little sporadic. But when I’m sitting in my truck waiting on my daughter I enjoy passing the time with y’all. Be sure to hit that notification bell, along with the subscribe button so you can come sit in my truck with me and discuss whatever’s on your mind. Of course, there are those random times when I just feel like going live and talking with y’all about whatever might be on my mind at that time. So be sure you’ve clicked that notification bell so you know when I’m live at an unscheduled time.


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