A New Year Prayer

Psalm 31 is a beautiful expression of trust in God. David expresses his trust in God even in times of terrible trouble. He knew that, through trust in God’s provision and protection, that he would be triumphant over any trial.

One commentator outlines Psalm 31 as the four seasons of the year.*

  1. Autumn (Ps. 31:1-8), “with its winds and gathering clouds, yet having sunlight and a golden fruitage even though the breath of death is everywhere.”
  2. Winter (Ps. 31:9-13), “chill and lifeless, full of sobs and sighing.”
  3. Spring (Ps. 31:14-18), “with its hope and expectation and its sweeping rains and bursting sun gleams.”
  4. Summer (Ps. 31:19-24), “glad and golden.”

“We need them all to complete our year.”

Another outlining of Psalm 31 uses the four terms: 1) Trust (Ps. 31:1-8); 2) Trouble (Ps. 31:9-13); 3) Truth (Ps. 31:14-18); 4) Triumph (Ps. 31:19-24).

As we prepare for the coming year, let this be our prayer!

  • We Are Entering a New Year with Great Potential Through Trust in Our God!
  • As with Every Year Past, And Every Year to Follow, There Will Be Troubles to Overcome
  • Regardless of Any Troubles, We Must Be Resolved in the Truth to Obey
  • When We Trust, even in Troubles, There Is Triumph to Obtain

*Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 3, pp. 213-216.Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, MO. 1967

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