The Pleasure of His Presence

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord His Presence is Universal (Psa. 148:1-13; Psa. 139; Acts 17:24-28) His Presence is Unique (Psa. 148:14; Eph. 1:3-6) … [Read more...]

Up From The Grave

Brought Up Through the Recognition of Our Sins (Psalm 30:6-7). Brought Up Through the Realization of Our Security (Psalm 30:8-10). Brought Up Through the Reception of HIS Saving Grace (Psalm 30:4-5, 11-12). … [Read more...]

Were You Preaching At Me?

One of my favorite preachers told how he would reply when someone would come out of the audience after services and ask him, "Were you preaching at me?" He said he would ask them, "Well, did it apply to you?" In other words, if what he taught applied to them, then, yes, he was preaching at them. Not that he had targeted them, but that if they perceived that what he was teaching was targeting them then it must have been something they needed to hear and to which they need to respond. When I … [Read more...]

Man of Sorrows

Text: Isaiah 52:13-53:12 The Man of Sorrows as Seen Through the Eyes of Worldliness The Man of Sorrows as Seen Through the Eyes of Truth The Man of Sorrows as Seen Through the Eyes of Faith … [Read more...]

The Great Cleansing Power

The Great Cleansing Power of Our SAVIOR (Rev. 7:9-14) The Great Cleansing Power of Our SERVICE (Rev. 7:15) The Great Cleansing Power of Our SHEPHERD (Rev. 7:16-17) … [Read more...]

JOT Bible Life-Notes

I received a review copy of the JOT Bible Life-Notes Bible journal and this is something I really appreciate having. It is essentially a Bible journal formatted and bound to look and feel like a Bible. It is laid out in the book order of the Bible with each verse of the entire Bible having two blank lines for notes. At the end of every book, there are additional note pages. Bound in genuine leather with good quality 45gsm (that's thick!) Bible paper. There are three ribbons, I think … [Read more...]

Sermon Feed from Soundfaith

This is the sermon feed from my lessons that are uploaded to … [Read more...]

A New Facebook Page for Bible Q-n-A

I have started a new Facebook page for Bible Q-n-A posts. I will be posting "short answer" videos and sharing new episodes from this site. Be sure to like the new Facebook page for the quickest way to get new content from Bible Q-n-A. Please "Like" and "Share" and join in the discussions! … [Read more...]

Holman NKJV Notetakeing Bible

As I've said before, I love wide margin Bibles. In my opinion, the best "study Bible" a person can have is the one they study for themselves and to which they add their own notes. That's the real value of a good wide margin Bible, over the course of your own personal study you build your own personal "study Bible." The way that I have mainly used wide margin Bibles is as "sermon outline books." While I do add marginal notes, I mainly use the margin space for outlining expository sermons. The … [Read more...]

Book Review: Inductive Bible Study

Fuhr and Köstenberger offer a hermeneutically sensitive, step-by-step approach to inductive Bible study that will bring insight and practical benefit to many who endeavor to know God through the depths and riches of his Word, the Bible. Inductive Bible Study is an ideal textbook for courses in biblical interpretation, and for anyone who desires to better understand and teach Scripture. "Inductive Bible Study," by Richard Alan Fuhr and Andreas J. Kostenberger, is the book I wish I'de had for … [Read more...]