Bible Q-n-A #167: There’s A Bad Moon Rising! … [Read more...]

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Bible Q-n-A: There Is Only One New Testament Church

On tonight's episode of Bible Q-n-A we'll be discussing the question of why there are so many churches and if there is only one New Testament Church. Does the Bible talk about many different kinds of churches or just one church? And, if there is only one New Testament church, why do we see so many different kinds of churches today? Be srue to post your questions and comments for discussion on Bible Q-n-A: Where You Ask The Questions And The Bible Gives The … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A: Is A PersonAccountable For Obeying The Gospel If They’ve Never Heard The Gospel?

This is a fairly common question or comment in discussions about our accountability to God and how to obey the gospel. In a recent episode of Bible Q-n-A LIVE, the comment was made that baptism is necessary for salvation for the person that has heard the command to be baptized. In other words, if a person has never heard the gospel then God will not hold them accountable for obeying the gospel. Aside from some very serious implications connected with this idea, it is based on the false notion … [Read more...]

2019 PreacherNorm on YouTube

Big things in the works for "Norm's Notes" and "Bible Q-n-A" for 2019! "Bible Q-n-A Series," starting with "Bible Q-n-A Series: Premillennialism," will be a series of videos contained in a playlist for an in-depth study of a single subject. New episodes will post every Sunday morning, beginning in 2019. What are some subject you'd like to have covered in a "Bible Q-n-A Series"?"Norm's Notes: From The Margins," will be a series of short videos featuring notes from the margin of my Bible. I … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A for 8-13-2018

I had intended to discuss a question concerning the book of Enoch on this episode. However, an AD 70 cultist had other plans for us. I could have ignored his comments in the live chat and gone on with the planned program. But, I wanted to respond to his comments. So, the program ended up getting hijacked. _______________________________________________________________ Subscribe to PreacherNorm: … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A: Evolving Catholic Doctrine

Bible Q-n-A for 8-6-18. In this episode, I follow up on the question regarding the Pope's change to the Catholic Catechism regarding the death penalty. Regardless of the several comments stating that Pope Francis didn't actually change the position of the Catholic Church - he just clarified the already existing position - it is a clear change in the historic teaching of the Catholic Church. I offer proof of that fact in this episode of Bible Q-n-A. … [Read more...]

A Question for Catholic Viewers

Asking for a Catholic response to the Pope's reversal of Catholic doctrine on Capital Punishment. Some pretty interesting responses, from the current Pope being a false prophet to me being a moron. … [Read more...]

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Bible Q-n-A: What Is “Realized Eschatology”?

In this episode of Bible Q-n-A, we discuss the false doctrine of "Realized Eschatology." That is the view that the 2nd Coming of Jesus occurred at the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. They say there is no future hope of the 2nd Coming of Christ because it has already occurred. I show, from the Bible, that to be absurd false doctrine. … [Read more...]