A Sorrowful State of Affairs

I just had a discussion with a Professor filling the pulpit in a congregation that used to be a faithful congregation of the Lord's church. It was sad and very revealing about why so many once faithful congregations are no longer so. I asked a series of questions and let him answer, trying very hard not to debate with him - and it was very hard. Here are my questions and a summation of his answers. Is it your view that there is no Scriptural prohibition to the use of mechanical … [Read more...]

What’s the difference between “Denomination” and “Non-Denominational”? What are you?

There are many false beliefs where is the true church ? Thank you for the GREAT question! It has become somewhat "trendy" for churches to claim that they are "non-denominational." This is part of the Community Church trend that started several years ago. However, most of those so-called Community Churches are simply denominations that have dropped the denominational name. They are still teaching and practicing, pretty much, the same things they did before they dropped the denominational … [Read more...]

Atonement of sins of mankind?

Christians believe that Jesus gave his life for the atonement of the sins of mankind. a) Does this mean that by his death, he atoned the sins of all people born before his time only or even of people who were born after his time? b) Does the death of Jesus on the cross mean that the sins of all Christians would be forgiven, even if they continue to sin and disobey God’s commandments? c) Is there any accountability for Christians for their personal actions (good or bad) on the Day of Judgment, … [Read more...]