Arguing With God

Question #4: Why Is It Possible For A Person To Be Lost After Being Baptized? If my past sins are forgiven when I am baptized in water, and it is possible for me to "lose my salvation" and go to hell after being baptized, then wouldn't my best chance of going to heaven be to drown in the baptistry ? !! - before I had a chance to sin so as to be lost again? If I wanted to be absolutely sure of heaven, isn't that my best opportunity? This “question” presents a pretty pessimistic view … [Read more...]

Baptism – Don’t Die Without It!

Question #3: What If I Died Before I Could Get To The Water For Baptism? If the water pipes broke and the baptistry was bone dry, would my salvation have to wait until the plumber showed up? If I were to die before then, would I go to hell? If obedience to water baptism is the means of forgiveness of sins, then I would. This “question” is an attempt to raise doubt over the biblical teaching on baptism by appealing to emotionalism. It produces a negative emotional response to contemplate … [Read more...]

Who Baptized You?

This is a continuation of "Kyle's Questions." There were several questions submitted and so I have given Kyle his very own category. To get a complete listing of the answer to all the questions click the category link. Question #2: Does A Person Have To Be Baptized By A Preacher Or Elder Of The Church Of Christ In Order To Be Saved? If a "Church of Christ" elder refuses to baptize me, will I be lost until I can find one who will? Do I need Jesus AND a CoC "preacher" in order to be saved? … [Read more...]

The Restoration Movement

A Bible Q-n-A viewer sent me these questions that, to him, presented some consistency issues with his view of the church of Christ. As always, with questions like these, I cannot speak for every preacher or congregation claiming to be the church of Christ. There is no such thing as “church of Christ doctrine.” There is only Bible doctrine. One is or is not a faithful member of the church of Christ based on their adherence to Bible doctrine, not some “Church of Christ Manual” or “Church of Christ … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit Baptism?

Q: Does Holy Spirit Baptism Still Occur? What Is The Baptism By Fire? First we will deal with the baptism of fire. … [Read more...]

Establishing Biblical Authority, Again!

I received the following comment in response to the video, “Exposing The Baptist Church - Pt. 1.” FairCogent has made a comment on Exposing The Biptist Church - Pt. 1 Questions? I have questions, if I may be so bold:1 Scriptural authorization for church buildings? 2 Scriptural authorization for youtube broadcasts? 3 Scriptural authorization for song books? 4 Scriptural authorization for Wednesday night gathering? 5 Scriptural authoriazation for sola scriptura? 6 Scriptural authorization … [Read more...]

If God is real why is there so much pain and suffering in the world today?

This is a fairly common question and with good reason. When we read of God in the Bible we learn that he is completely good, holy, righteous, just and loving (1 Peter 1:16; Revelation 15:3; Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 2:4; 1 John 4:16). We also learn that he is all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present all the time (Psalm 139:1-16). Many people struggle with this seeming contradiction between the character of God and the nature of what he has created. After all, how could an all-powerful and … [Read more...]