The Denominational “Plan Of Salvation”

This is a response to a comment posted to my video "What We Believe About Works And Grace." Let me know what you think. … [Read more...]

The Benevolent Work of the Church

Do you believe that scripture sanctions helping non-christians out of the church treasury? Do you beleive that the scripture supports building church kitchens and church sponsered banquets? … [Read more...]

Responding To SDA Comments

This is a followup to the video, "The SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) Church Is Not The True Church," which I posted to YouTube some time ago. I respond further to the caller's attempt to use Isa. 66:23 as authority for Sabbath keeping in the New Testament church and also reply to some of the comments posted to that video. Here is the original clip from the Bible Q-n-A TV program: Please feel free to carry on the … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A 8/17/11 – Israel Today

In this episode of Bible Q-n-A I answer a viewers question regarding the Scriptural view of Israel today. How should Christians view the calls to "stand with Israel" being made by many high profile politicians and talk show hosts? Should we, as Christians, support Israel for religious reasons or purely political? These questions get answered here. … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With Denominational Baptism

This is one of my first playlists posted on YouTube from the Bible Q-n-A TV program. The question, "What's wrong with denominational baptism?" addresses a common objection to the biblical necessity of baptism. Many, when they learn of the necessity to be baptized, will say, "I have been baptized" - referring to their denominational baptism. Watch the video to learn why an appeal to a denominational baptism can't meet the biblical plan of salvation. … [Read more...]

What does "born of water and the Spirit" mean?

This question comes from John 3:5 and is asked in response to those who twist this passage to be in harmony with man-made false doctrine. Does this passage teach the necessity of water baptism or is "born of water" talking about a physical birth? We answer that question in this Bible Q-n-A video. … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With The Christian Church

This caller wanted to know what was wrong with the "Christian Church." Basically, the same thing that's wrong with all denominations - A Lack Of Respect For Biblical Authority! … [Read more...]

Magic Word Baptism?

Is it what the "baptizer" says or is it what the "baptized" believes that is important? I answer that question in this video. Magic Word Baptism? from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Finding The True New Testament Church

Want to find the true New Testament church? Follow the written instructions God gave us in his word, the Bible. Finding The True Church from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

The Truth About Baptism

In this clip I continue a discussion about baptism raised by a live caller. She had expressed her desire to study the biblical doctrine of baptism because what she was reading didn't match what her preacher was telling her. Try as they might, denominationalists just can get around this clear biblical doctrine. The Truth About Baptism from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]