Stewarts Creek Gospel Meeting – Bible Q-n-A FAQs

For anyone who has been using the Internet and visiting websites for very long the term FAQs will be familiar. It stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." For those who conduct Bible studies and/or discuss the Bible with others, there are several "Frequently Asked Questions." When I was doing live radio and live TV programs about the Bible I regularly received the same "Frequently Asked Questions" on the program that would get asked in private studies. This series of lessons is in direct … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A 3/25/13: The Catholic Letter (pt. 1)

On this episode of Bible Q-n-A I begin to look at what I'm calling "The Catholic Letter." This letter was distributed at the 2012 Jersey County Fair. It made its way back to me and I am responding to it here on Bible Q-n-A. I will take these episodes dealing with "The Catholic Letter" and put them on DVD to distribute at the 2013 Jersey County Fair. I hope to have the opportunity to talk to the writer face to face, as I don't know who it was. Here is a link to "The Catholic Letter" Here is … [Read more...]

Atonement of sins of mankind?

Christians believe that Jesus gave his life for the atonement of the sins of mankind. a) Does this mean that by his death, he atoned the sins of all people born before his time only or even of people who were born after his time? b) Does the death of Jesus on the cross mean that the sins of all Christians would be forgiven, even if they continue to sin and disobey God’s commandments? c) Is there any accountability for Christians for their personal actions (good or bad) on the Day of Judgment, … [Read more...]

The Beatitude Of The Watchers

This is the third of the seven Beatitudes Of Revelation. … [Read more...]

The Beatitude Of The Dying

For this next few weeks of the Bible Q-n-A episodes I'll be posting the lessons from a gospel I did in Clarion, PA for the Clarion church of Christ. The theme of the meeting was "The Beatitudes Of Revelation." This is the second lesson of the series, "The Beatitude Of The Dying." … [Read more...]

The Beatitude Of Hearing And Keeping The Word

From a Gospel meeting presented for the Clarion church of Christ in Clarion, PA. This is the first lesson of the series, The Beatitudes Of Revelation. … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A LIVE 10/10/12 – Catholicism And Biblical Authority, pt. 4

This will be our last class on the Catholic view of biblical authority. Next week we will go on to look at other doctrinal positions of the Catholic Church in comparison with what the Bible says. Today's lesson will finish up some points from the previous classes and briefly cover the Catholic view regarding Canonicity and Interpretation of the Scriptures. … [Read more...]

John 3:3-5 – Born Again

In this episode of Bible Q-n-A we'll be discussing a viewers questions from John 3:3-5 and the new birth. As always, your questions, comments and feedback are welcome. … [Read more...]

Catholicism And Bible Authority, Pt, 3

We're continuing our discussion contrasting the Catholic view of biblical authority with what the Bible actually says regarding biblical authority. In tonight's class we'll be discussion viewer questions. [youtube] … [Read more...]

Bible Q-n-A LIVE for 9/27/12

Bible Q-n-A LIVE online every Thursday at 9 PM Eastern. In this episode I'll be dealing with viewers questions about pitch pipes, Paul's preaching on baptism and "The Sinner's Prayer." Will I have to pay out on my pledge to pay $1,000 to the person who can find "The Sinner's Prayer" in the Bible?  Tweet your questions and comments to @PreacherNorm durring the live broadcast. … [Read more...]