Establishing Biblical Authority, Again!

I received the following comment in response to the video, “Exposing The Baptist Church - Pt. 1.” FairCogent has made a comment on Exposing The Biptist Church - Pt. 1 Questions? I have questions, if I may be so bold:1 Scriptural authorization for church buildings? 2 Scriptural authorization for youtube broadcasts? 3 Scriptural authorization for song books? 4 Scriptural authorization for Wednesday night gathering? 5 Scriptural authoriazation for sola scriptura? 6 Scriptural authorization … [Read more...]

If God is real why is there so much pain and suffering in the world today?

This is a fairly common question and with good reason. When we read of God in the Bible we learn that he is completely good, holy, righteous, just and loving (1 Peter 1:16; Revelation 15:3; Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 2:4; 1 John 4:16). We also learn that he is all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present all the time (Psalm 139:1-16). Many people struggle with this seeming contradiction between the character of God and the nature of what he has created. After all, how could an all-powerful and … [Read more...]