Know Your Bible 08-10-2017

One of the things I love about living in LaGrange, GA is the opportunity to be a frequent panelist on the “Know Your Bible” TV program. “Know Your Bible” is a work of the Cusetta Road Church of Christ in Columbus, GA. It is a question and answer format and was the model for my own “Bible Q-n-A.” I watched “Know Your Bible” with my grandfather on Sunday mornings when I was young. So when I started doing my own program it was naturally influenced by “Know Your Bible.”

Since I started appearing on the program I have been trying to get copies from the studio in Columbus so I could share it here with you. It took me three years to get it but I finally got a couple episodes, hopefully with more to come soon.

This episode aired on September 10, 2017. The questions discussed were:

  1. Is the call of God irresistible?
  2. Who is in charge of a congregation which has no elders?

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