Stewarts Creek Gospel Meeting – Bible Q-n-A FAQs

ChurchBuildingFor anyone who has been using the Internet and visiting websites for very long the term FAQs will be familiar. It stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” For those who conduct Bible studies and/or discuss the Bible with others, there are several “Frequently Asked Questions.” When I was doing live radio and live TV programs about the Bible I regularly received the same “Frequently Asked Questions” on the program that would get asked in private studies. This series of lessons is in direct response to these Bible Question & Answer “Frequently Asked Questions.” It is my hope that they will not only help those searching for the truth, and asking these questions themselves, but also that they will be of help to those who are discussing the Bible with their family, friends, and neighbors and getting asked these same FAQs.

The following playlist contains six lessons presented at the Stewarts Creek church of Christ, in Smyrna, TN. Those lessons are:

  • The Bible: God’s Answer Book
  • What About All Those Good People?
  • Can A Person Be Saved Like The Thief On The Cross?
  • Are People Still Baptized in The Holy Spirit?
  • Can A Person Be Saved In A Denomination?
  • The Sinner’s Prayer: Can It Save?

I look forward to your feedback, questions, and comments.

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