Bible Q-n-A: Evolving Catholic Doctrine

Bible Q-n-A for 8-6-18. In this episode, I follow up on the question regarding the Pope's change to the Catholic Catechism regarding the death penalty. Regardless of the several comments stating that Pope Francis didn't actually change the position of the Catholic Church - he just clarified the already existing position - it is a clear change in the historic teaching of the Catholic Church. I offer proof of that fact in this episode of Bible Q-n-A. … [Read more...]

Know Your Bible 08-10-2017

One of the things I love about living in LaGrange, GA is the opportunity to be a frequent panelist on the "Know Your Bible" TV program. "Know Your Bible" is a work of the Cusetta Road Church of Christ in Columbus, GA. It is a question and answer format and was the model for my own "Bible Q-n-A." I watched "Know Your Bible" with my grandfather on Sunday mornings when I was young. So when I started doing my own program it was naturally influenced by "Know Your Bible." Since I started appearing … [Read more...]

A Sorrowful State of Affairs

I just had a discussion with a Professor filling the pulpit in a congregation that used to be a faithful congregation of the Lord's church. It was sad and very revealing about why so many once faithful congregations are no longer so. I asked a series of questions and let him answer, trying very hard not to debate with him - and it was very hard. Here are my questions and a summation of his answers. Is it your view that there is no Scriptural prohibition to the use of mechanical … [Read more...]

Salvation in the Church of Christ

The Following Question Comes From Zach K. I had a few questions I would like you to check out. I've been watching your videos and I was listening about when you were talking about grace and works and that there are works of faith and works of merit. And, correct me if I am wrong, but the works of faith were those God commanded for salvation (Hear the gospel, Believe the Gospel, Repent, Confess, Be baptized...ect). I also understand from your videos that baptism, for it to be valid, must … [Read more...]

"One Cup" Debate with Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson's First Affirmative [vimeo 11903078]   Norm Fields' First Response [vimeo 12988602] … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With The Christian Church

This caller wanted to know what was wrong with the "Christian Church." Basically, the same thing that's wrong with all denominations - A Lack Of Respect For Biblical Authority! … [Read more...]

Sunday, The Christian’s Day Of Worship

The Question: "Where in the New Testament are Christians commanded to keep Sunday? What is your Scriptural authority for keeping Sunday?" Where in the new testament are christians commanded to keep sunday?  I have searched and there is no place in the scriptures where we are commanded to keep sunday.  Why do we keep sunday when according to Acts 16:13 "On the Sabbath we went out of the city by a river side, where prayer was made" " Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath … [Read more...]

Is It Scriptural To Celebrate Christmas?

On Dec 10, 2009, at 1:04 PM, Mindy wrote: You have received a message from Bible Q-n-A. Message details are as follows: Date and Time: Thursday 10th December 2009 12:04:39 Message: I would like to know if your church and/or your family celebrate christmas. I am a part of the church of Christ and would like to know what is right and wrong pertaining to this subject. Thanks, Mindy Mindy,   Thanks for writing and I appreciate your question. In short, me and my family … [Read more...]

The Biblical Doctrine Of The Godhead

I recently posted a video on YouTube, "Where's Your Proof," showing that most denominational practices actually have no biblical authority whatsoever. In response to that video, on viewer made the following comment: "I tried to prove the Trinity from scripture but then I couldn't? find any verses to support it :(" I invited the commenter to engage in a discussion of this important topic, here on Bible Q-n-A, with the following comment: "I'de be happy to discuss that with you over at … [Read more...]

Prove All Things (part 2)

The Bible says to prove all things and hold fast what is good. Can you prove that what you do in worship to God is pleasing to Him? The only way to do so is from the Bible. I pray that this lesson on the necessity of biblical authority will help you in your service to God. As always, your comments and discussion is always welcome. … [Read more...]