Prove All Things (pt. 1)

The scriptural requirement to have authority for whatever you do in worship to God is a principle that the denominational world largely ignores. The same principles of authority that they recognize as common sense and rational thought gets thrown out when it comes to their religious practice. In this lesson I emphasize the biblical requirement for authority that must be followed in order to be pleasing to God. Prove All Things (pt. 1) from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Ascertaining Biblical Authority

Question #10: How Do You Determine Scriptural Authority? If the "Church of Christ" claims to worship God only as "authorized" by scripture because they sing only (and do not use instrumental music), then where do they get the "authority" to use hymnals, pitchpipes, pews, and indoor baptistries in their worship services? If the answer is that they are "aids to worship," where does the Bible allow for that? Where is your required authorization? If a pitchpipe can be an "aid to worship" for the … [Read more...]

Establishing Biblical Authority, Again!

I received the following comment in response to the video, “Exposing The Baptist Church - Pt. 1.” FairCogent has made a comment on Exposing The Biptist Church - Pt. 1 Questions? I have questions, if I may be so bold:1 Scriptural authorization for church buildings? 2 Scriptural authorization for youtube broadcasts? 3 Scriptural authorization for song books? 4 Scriptural authorization for Wednesday night gathering? 5 Scriptural authoriazation for sola scriptura? 6 Scriptural authorization … [Read more...]