Acts, The Book of Non-Conversions

The book of Acts has been given many descriptive designations. Among those should be "The Book Of Non-Conversions." We learn a great deal about why people do not obey the gospel from the examples of non-conversion in the Book of Acts. Acts, The Book of Non-Conversions from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Prove All Things (part 2)

The Bible says to prove all things and hold fast what is good. Can you prove that what you do in worship to God is pleasing to Him? The only way to do so is from the Bible. I pray that this lesson on the necessity of biblical authority will help you in your service to God. As always, your comments and discussion is always welcome. … [Read more...]

Sound Words

Bible things should be called by Bible names! There are several reasons why we should be careful to only refer to biblical subject in the way the Bible refers to them. Such a practice would help us to keep our discussions of biblical topics in biblical context, it would encourage us to refer to our Bibles to see how a certain thing is referred to, it would go a long way toward helping us to keep our speech pure. We could go on with any number of reasons for calling Bible things by Bible names … [Read more...]