JOT Bible Life-Notes

I received a review copy of the JOT Bible Life-Notes Bible journal and this is something I really appreciate having. It is essentially a Bible journal formatted and bound to look and feel like a Bible. It is laid out in the book order of the Bible with each verse of the entire Bible having two blank lines for notes. At the end of every book, there are additional note pages. Bound in genuine leather with good quality 45gsm (that's thick!) Bible paper. There are three ribbons, I think … [Read more...]

Recommended Reading: Leadership Promises

"Leadership Promises for Every Day: A Daily Devotional" by John C. Maxwell is a must have for anyone who believes that personal growth and leadership development is an intentional activity. That is John's 1st Law, of the "15 Laws of Personal Growth," i.e. "The Law of Intentionality." Personal growth, and leadership development, "doesn't happen by accident." And, John C. Maxwell is one of the top leadership coaches writing today. "Leadership Promises" is a collection of short snippets from … [Read more...]