A New Facebook Page for Bible Q-n-A

I have started a new Facebook page for Bible Q-n-A posts. I will be posting "short answer" videos and sharing new episodes from this site. Be sure to like the new Facebook page for the quickest way to get new content from Bible Q-n-A. Please "Like" and "Share" and join in the discussions! … [Read more...]

Debate: The Place Of The Gospels In The Bible

The title of this debate might not be very clear at first because most of us, I think, know right were the Gospels are in our Bible. They are right after that page that says "The New Testament Of Jesus Christ." That is where I believe they are supposed to be. They are part of the New Covenant Scriptures and, rightly, begin the New Testament record. Most of you reading this are probably thinking, "well where else would they go?" That will be the topic of discussion for this debate. Let me set … [Read more...]

"One Cup" Debate with Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson's First Affirmative [vimeo 11903078]   Norm Fields' First Response [vimeo 12988602] … [Read more...]

A Discussion On "Once-Saved-Always-Saved"

Last week, I posted a clip from a sermon on Hebrews 6:1-12, "Going On To Maturity." The clip shows the danger of apostasy as addressed by the Hebrews writer to his audience. Here is the clip in question: As you might imagine, I immediately began receiving emails saying that I taught false doctrine in this clip. The reason, according to the skeptic, that I had taught false doctrine was because I showed from the text the very real danger of apostasy. According to the Calvinist, there is no … [Read more...]