That Which Never Changes

Mt 16:19 The Unchanging Principles of Heaven In this passage, Jesus refers to that which is bound and loosed in heaven. To bind means to enforce something as law, to restrict within legal bounds. To loose means to grant freedom in some aspect. Regarding those things which are bound: We know that it cannot be the customs of the early church because they have changed over the course of years and culture. We know that it cannot be restricted to the expression of law … [Read more...]

People Who Have Forgotten How To Blush

When the prophet Jeremiah wrote about the condition of his people, and told them why God was allowing them to be taken into captivity, he said it was because they had forgotten how to blush (Jer. 6:15). All of the calamity that was going to be poured out on them by the armies from the north (i.e. Babylon) was because of their rebellion against God. The list of their transgressions was long and ugly. In addition to their idolatry, they were guilty of all manner of gross immorality. Jeremiah … [Read more...]

The Beatitude Of The Watchers

This is the third of the seven Beatitudes Of Revelation. … [Read more...]

What Will You Do With Jesus?

Preached for the Jerseyville Church of Christ on May 6, 2012. Taking the question Pilate asked the Jews, we look at several possible responses to the question, "What Will You Do With Jesus?" … [Read more...]

Characteristics Of The Successful Believer

Part of the series, "The Beatitudes," this Beatitude is the very first statement of the longest book of the Bible, Psalms. … [Read more...]

The True Servants of God

This was kind of an impromptu mini-sermon that came out of Revelation 22:9. The angel's response to John's misguided worship holds a lot of great points. My introductions aren't normally this long, but it was the last day of my meeting with the Clarion church of Christ and I wanted to stretch it out as long as I could. … [Read more...]


The introductory lesson for the Live2Give series. This series of lessons examines the Christian life as a lifestyle of giving. … [Read more...]

Immutable Promises

Hebrews 6:13-20 is the concluding remarks to the exhortation toward maturity begun at the end of Hebrews 5. In this passage the Hebrews encouraged his audience to remain faithful to the gospel of Christ knowing that God will always follow through with his promises. His promises are immutable - unchangeable and unstoppable. If we remain faithful to God, we can have full assurance of receiving those things he was promised the faithful. Immutable Promises from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Things For Which The Lord Commends Congregations

In our study of Revelation, and the lessons from the seven churches in chapters 2 and 3, we learn the characteristics that the Lord finds commendable in congregations. If he found them commendable then they he finds them commendable today. Things The Lord Commends In Congregations from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Things The Lord Condemned In Congregations

This lesson is an extension of the "Studies In Revelation" Bible class. In "Lessons From The Seven Churches" we see several traits the Lord condemns in congregations. If they were condemnable then, then they are to be condemned now. … [Read more...]