God’s Second Law Of Pardon

Question #6: How Is A Person Forgiven Of Sin After They Have Been Baptized? If as a Christian I can fall and "lose my salvation," is it possible to regain it? If so, how? If God "takes away" my salvation, doesn't that make Him an "Indian giver"? How could I ever know for sure that I was saved or lost? Some of the comments in the above “question” are redundant with number 5. I have already answered the “Indian giver” accusation against God in the last entry. I have also already answered the … [Read more...]

Finding The True New Testament Church

Want to find the true New Testament church? Follow the written instructions God gave us in his word, the Bible. Finding The True Church from Norm Fields on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

The Restoration Movement

A Bible Q-n-A viewer sent me these questions that, to him, presented some consistency issues with his view of the church of Christ. As always, with questions like these, I cannot speak for every preacher or congregation claiming to be the church of Christ. There is no such thing as “church of Christ doctrine.” There is only Bible doctrine. One is or is not a faithful member of the church of Christ based on their adherence to Bible doctrine, not some “Church of Christ Manual” or “Church of Christ … [Read more...]