What’s Wrong With The Christian Church

This caller wanted to know what was wrong with the “Christian Church.” Basically, the same thing that’s wrong with all denominations – A Lack Of Respect For Biblical Authority!


  1. Wordpreacher91 says:

    Norm, to begin with you are attempting to close other who are not in your "idea" of a church out. I understand you will refute me upon telling me that it's not your idea, but God's idea of a church, but in fact the Church of Christ is much like the pharisees in Matthew 23. You major on minors. You strain at a gnat, yet you swallow a camel. I as a student of the Bible and attending concentrated Bible study as a gospel preacher have the utmost respect for God's Word. It is perfect, and the final authority on all matters. Norm, I am settled on issues of baptism, but this obssesion you have with instrumental worship I am interested in.

    Is there a single solitary sentence anywhere in all of Scripture that even hints of God's dissaproval of instrumental accompaniment to singing? …..

    Why is instrumental music not allowed in worship when the definition of psalm (which you do allow) is a hymn set to instrumental music (see Strong’s Dictionary of the Greek New Testament, as well as any English dictionary)? Since psalms are included in a proper worship (Ephesians 5:19), shouldn’t instrumental music necessarily be used in worship to be obedient to Scripture? Is it being disobedient to Paul’s instruction by not using psalms correctly in the worship service? In other words, given the definition of psalm, by your own rules of "inclusion and exclusion," doesn’t the Bible require instrumental music?

    It seems to myself that the Church of Christ is desparately inconsistent in interpreting the Bible. If necessary to prove a point, the CoC calls on the Old Testament. Examples: In order to try to disprove Original Sin, you would probably call on Ezekiel 18:19-32. If you want to support patternism, you might call on Leviticus 10:1-2. Aside from both of the passages taken out of context to prove a point, why do you conveniently ignore the Old Testament passages about instrumental music? …. Norm, I am simply interested in the fact that the CoC does a bit of picking and choosing what they want. . . please help clarify this. Thanks.

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